Public Relations & Communications

Public Relations & Communications

Public Relations & Corporate Communications, INSPIRED Marketing Services

Maximise potential coverage with the curation of brand and product messages via effective public relations and corporate communications

National Public Relations and Media Placement
Media Releases, Brand Messaging and Announcements
Maximise Potential Print and Digital Coverage
Internal Corporate Communications
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sponsorship Opportunities

INSPIRED’s experience developing brand messages, launching products and services, and communicating with the media and general public provides clients with the benefits of a dedicated public relations agency at a fraction of the cost. Utilising our existing network of media contacts and professionals in a wide range of industries, INSPIRED helps to communicate to the direct audience of brands. Curating brand and product stories via effective public relations and endorsements adds a level of authenticity and authority which can’t be bought with paid advertising. We maximise potential coverage and ensure your brand is being viewed in a positive light, staying on message and speaking directly to those who matter most.

Internal corporate communications, such as bespoke printed publications, newsletters and staff EDMs help develop positive company culture, share company news and provide recognition of employee achievements. We also assist companies to meet their Corporate Social Responsibilities via organisation of sponsorship and philanthropical opportunities.

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